Expo 2017 Greece


Expo 2017 took place in Astana, Kazakhstan. The expo’s main theme was Future Energy, and the branding of the Greek participation branding was based on two letters that represent the beginning and end of the Greek alphabet and whose history begins far back in time: Alpha and Omega.

From A to Ω is the beginning and the end; the course of Greece through time, from its beginning to the present, its contribution to civilisation, philosophy, medicine and mathematics now part of the world’s legacy.

The Greek alphabet and many Greek words have been incorporated into many languages around the world: democracy, architecture, poesie, lyrique, philosophy, ecology, history, anatomy, biotherapy, melody, geology, mathematics, chemistry, energy, are just a few of an endless list.

From Alpha to Omega, from its beginnings to the present, Greece has been at the core of civilisation, democracy and values, and this was highlighted throughout the Greek pavilion. As for its logo, it is more than a mere monogram; it is a puzzle of the abstract representations of the four basic elements: Earth, sun, wind, and sea.

Date: Sep 2018

Role: Creative Director, Designer

Client: Enterprise Greece Hellenic Company for Investments and Foreign Trade SA

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