If you live in Northern Greece, you’re quite familiar with the Mevgal brand. Mevgal is one of the top names when it comes to dairy, with a wide product range, a nationwide network, and one of the market’s top chocolate drinks: Topino.

Redesigning an established product can be a tricky process. However, when it’s done, it has to be a real breakthrough, and not a mere “try a different font” approach. A new character was introduced -or better said, a couple of characters- incorporated within the package’s design, interacting with the product with a fun and original way.

A product relaunch with such a fresh, new look, got the social media attention it deserved, through a series of themed posts and an awareness campaign that incorporated influencers with an appeal to the product’s core, teen audience.  

Date: Sep 2018

Role: Creative Director, Designer

Client: MEVGAL S.A.

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