If you live in Northern Greece, you’re quite familiar with the Mevgal brand -unless you’re living under a rock, in that case welcome and good to have you with us. Mevgal is one of the top names when it comes to dairy, with a wide product range and a nationwide network.

Mevgal’s Drinking Yogurt line is not its flagship, but it carries a significant mark of tradition and quality that goes generations back. It was essential to keep this mark as part of the line’s redesign, without using any clichés or worn-out references. This is why its new brand system aims towards a cleaner, updated look. The combination of two fonts -each with its own character and identity- along with a distinct color guide, creates a series of easily recognizable labels, a significant advantage when it comes to retail products.  

Date: Sep 2018

Role: Creative Director, Designer

Client: MEVGAL S.A.

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